Homemade Herb Bitter Choke Angel

Strong as the north wind

Burns like sea spray in a storm

House distilled at Hotel Friese - Our Choking Angel

Strong as the north wind and burning like sea spray in a storm. Our Choking Angel is a speciality of our house and a real Frisian “fire water”. With 40 percent alcohol, our Choking Angel is not for “wimps”. But with the very spicy and hearty taste, our bitter simply wipes away any discomfort. It's a blessing before and after dinner.

There is an enthusiastic fan club already. We, as well as our host Sascha, will gladly tell you more about it!

The Choking Angel - a very special souvenir

We dispatch our bitter Choking Angel country-wide, against cash on delivery or prepayment. As of 12 bottles (0.5 litres each) we deliver it free of charge.

0.50 l EUR 13.20

0.02 l EUR 1.30

You can order the choking angel via email: info@hotel-friese.de or over the telephone: 04932 – 8020

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