Frisian tea ceremony

Frisian tea ceremony

A real treat at Hotel Friese

The Frisian tea ceremony

Nowhere in the world do they drink more tea than here. The ceremony of preparing our Frisian tea is considered a recognized cultural heritage. A blend of Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling - and the tea is drunk from thin and fine cups.

During your holiday you can enjoy a cup of genuine Frisian tea or a visit to our cosy Friesenschänke.

Enjoy genuine Frisian tea also at home

So that you do not have to do without our tea after your visit to Norderney, follow these instructions.

You need: Frisian tea, Kluntjes (coarse white candy), cream, a tea set, preferably with a Tulle sieve. A Tulle sieve prevents the tea leaves from being washed into the cups. Even if it harms the aroma a little: of course, it also works with a standard tea sieve

The right preparation

Rinse the teapot with hot water and add one teaspoon of tea per person. An extra one for the pot itself.

Pour boiling water over the tea leaves until they are just covered and let the tea brew for about five minutes. If too much water is added, Frisians speak of “offsoppen tea”.

Then fill the pot with boiling water according to the number of cups you want to pour and place it on a warmer.

Now a piece of candy is added to the cups, followed by the tea, then some cream with a cream spoon and stir with careful circular movement. This is the only way to create the clouds.

Interesting facts about our Frisian Tea

  • Tea is usually on the stove all day long in Frisian households.

  • 3 cups of tea are Frisian Law, which means that traditionally cup are filled three times.

  • The bigger the candy - the higher the reputation of the guest.

  • The teaspoon is not used for stirring. Tea is not stirred. The purpose of the teaspoon is to be placed in the cup if the guest no longer wants tea.

  • The teapot is not rinsed

  • Tea, that is too strong, can be diluted with hot water in a cup or jug. Frisians speak of "bath guest tea", because it is not typical

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